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How do we create
Infinity Park?

We recycle used flooring which has been removed from children’s playgrounds, treat it using a thorough disinfection process and give it another lease of life, turning it into chippings for elastic bases of recycled rubber.

Why is it good for use in children’s playgrounds?

Infinity Park offers several benefits that make it an excellent option to install in children’s parks or in areas that require an increased absorption of impacts.

When floor tiles are made for the first time, they have a specific density of porosity. However, when these tiles are treated for recycling and given another use, their porosity doubles. This improves their composition, makes them more flexible and thereby improves the shock absorption.

In manufacturing this product, we follow the technical standards established by the European Union. InfinityPark complies with the children’s playground safety standard UNE EN 1177.

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Improved shock absorption

Safest flooring that prevents potential knocks and scrapes.

Helps to care for the environment.

Recycles waste and preserves natural resources.


Unalterable with the sun, water, snow and other adverse weather conditions.

Non-slip product

Flooring which prevents or reduces slips and falls.


Lasts over time.

Examples of application

By recycling these tiles, we help to reduce the harm caused to the environment and thereby preserve the surroundings more, as recycling the tiles reduces the quantities of solid waste that goes to landfill.

An increasing number of Councils and private companies are becoming more aware of the environment and are contracting specialist and approved companies to remove used tiles and use Infinity Park to install new flooring in children’s play areas.

This is the most comprehensive product on the market, complying with all the regulations and processes required for its use and application. Infinity Park makes children’s playgrounds safer, more attractive and more eco-friendly.

Innovating to offer you effective solutions! Contact us to find out more about the options we offer for children’s playgrounds using recycled rubber tiles.

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