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Company with over 50 years of experience


Our enthusiasm for manufacturing rubber products began over 50 years ago. At the start, Vulgalia specialised in manufacturing rubber for shoes. However, today, due to the high demand and growth of the company, we decided to remove barriers and specialise in new areas. That is when our Elastopark range came about, which is designed for continuous rubber flooring.

The main foundations and values that have followed our company throughout all these years are effort, continuous improvement, work and commitment to offering the best quality and service from our products.

In-house manufacturing

At Vulgalia, you will find a wide range of in-house manufactured and exclusive products, from coloured rubber floor tiles, chippings and elastic bases to continuous resin flooring. These products are designed and created for their application in children’s playgrounds or schools and on sports pitches, among other areas.

We are manufacturers with our own production facilities in Spain. Furthermore, we hold certificates approved by external companies such as the LABCER quality laboratory.

As a result of all of this, our goal is to keep leading and working hard to maintain the professionalism and excellence that characterise us. If something doesn’t already exist, we make it, offering a bespoke solution to our customers’ challenges.

R+D+i Innovation

Research, innovation, precision, active listening and technical service are keys to our day-to-day work as a leading company in our sector. That’s why our R+D department works tirelessly to improve and offer customers a product that meets quality, hygiene and safety requirements.

The quality of the raw material is of vital importance in order to obtain a good product, regardless of how much is invested in safety, we have new equipment and a qualified workforce to offer you a safe product.

La calidad de la materia prima es primordial para obtener un buen producto, no importa cuanto se invierta en seguridad, contamos con equipos novedosos y mano de obra cualificada para ofrecerte un producto seguro.

Product areas

We specialise in the design and production of rubber chippings for different sectors. Below, we describe all the areas we work in.

Safety flooring

We manufacture rubber for recreational areas and other places where surfaces that provide greater safety are required.

Sports flooring

We make special rubber surfaces for playing sports, both indoors and outdoors.

Footwear components

We have a wealth of experience in the manufacture of rubber products for footwear.

Road safety

We take care of producing a robust and flexible rubber designed to improve road safety.

Technical components

We make road safety technical components of the highest quality to guarantee their durability and robustness.

Quality and Environment

Quality, professionalism and environment are our company’s three fundamental pillars. A commitment that we apply to each manufacturing phase and process in a transparent and ethical way.

Our company is committed to the environment and the preservation of natural resources. For that reason, we follow specific actions in all our work processes in order to reduce pollution and protect our natural environment. At the same time, we use waste management and recycling systems to reduce our carbon footprint.

We have also implemented a Quality and Environmental Management System based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards to improve the service that we provide to our customers. In this way, we guarantee the quality of our products and our commitment to the planet.

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